Takatsuki-Ouji 7.3

Say–, why–, am I–, seeing–, something like this–? Say–, what kind of–, punishment game–, is this–?

“If you look away, I’ll ravish you.”

The excited Aoi-kun got up and pushed me down. Ignoring my bewilderment, “Eh, wait, what?!” he pulled down his bottoms, and along with it, his underwear. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the exposed Aoi-kun-junior is a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

… That terrifying thing does not match his sweet and refreshing face. That’s just foul play. But even if it’s practically a violation to the Firearms and Other Weapons policy, I can’t complain.

“Hey, between me and him, who’s bigger?”

Aoi-kun nudged my face with his Weapon of Mass Destruction as he asked that. I wanted to look away, but I didn’t want to get killed by it, so I narrowed my eyes dangerously* while keeping it in my sight and managed to endure it.

(T/N: The raws say ‘kiwadoi’ (際どい) which means: risky, dangerous; suggestive, bordering on obscene, risqué; extreme, harsh, cruel. According to jisho-sensei.)

Between him and Takatsuki-kun, whose is bigger? They’re both big!! Compared to the two of them, mine is so pathetic, I feel sorry for myself!!! It makes one lose confidence in their manliness, alright?! Seeing it in reality makes me wanna cry, alright?!!!

“Hey, who?”

Even if you ask me, I can’t answer.

Takatsuki-kun is big, and to add to that, he’s also terrifyingly long; it’d reach the deepest parts of you and turn your mind white from being penetrated. How many times did I faint because of it? As for Aoi-kun, from the looks of it, has a wide enough circumference. But in addition to that, the shape of the glans is incredibly brutal, it’s practically a murder weapon. It’s insane. I don’t know if I could keep my sanity if that thing pierces me. I definitely, definitely, cannot, be violated by that, no matter what.

“Who, you ask, I, how am I… supposed to know…?”

“Hmm. How, huh…”

(T/N: I took liberties here. Supposed to be, M: How am I supposed to know? I don’t know… / A: Fu~n, you don’t know, huh? // but it’s too wordy and repetitive :x)

Aoi-kun let out a naughty chuckle.

“Well, if you ask me how, your ass should be able to answer for you.”

“Takatsuki-kun’s! Takatsuki-kun’s is bigger!! But Aoi-kun has an even more dangerous shape than his!!!”

I answered honestly! I answered without telling a single lie! This is a one-of-a-kind humiliation!!

I don’t want to get fucked, so I answered, with all my heart, honestly.

“I see, so his is bigger. I was pretty confident too…”

Well, if you’re at that size, then being confident is a given. That said, it’d also erode one’s HP to nothingness.

(T/N: HP meaning Health Points. Imagine using one’s dick to poke someone to death in an ero-game lol //wait that might be an idea–)

“But, I’m certain that mine would make you feel real good. Wanna test it out?”

I reject. I firmly reject.

I frowned and explicitly expressed my disgust to the fullest, and shook my head vigorously. It’s impossible. You can’t. Aoi-kun looked like he’s happily erect, and rubbed it with his hand.

“Eh… Wait! Aoi-kun, what’re you doing…!”

“Eh? What do you mean, I’m just rubbing myself…”

Hah?! Heh?! Why?! What’s with this timing?!

“Now I… haah, just wanna… ah, shove it… haa, into something…”

Breathing hard, he leered at me.*

(T/N: Took liberties here, transliteration is pretty wordy; Breathing hard, he looked at me obscenely with a gaze that would never let me go. Or something along those lines.)

“Your… haah, your expression… ngh, it’s very stimulating… nhh…”

“Aoi-kun, wai, stop!!”

Disregarding my protests, his hand sped up, and he looked like he’s reaching his peak.

Wh, wh, why?! Seriously, why?! Why am I just sitting here, watching Aoi-kun masturbate?! Right in front of me!! Right! In! Front! Of! Me!!!

“… Ahh… Kuh!”

“Eh… huh?”

Climaxing, Aoi-kun’s semen shot out with such momentum that it landed on my face. No, it could be said that Aoi-kun deliberately aimed for my face.

No… fucking… way…

“… Aah, this is the best~”

Breath hitching, he looked at me absentmindedly.

This is the worst…

Aoi-kun’s semen made a trail on my cheeks. It’s extremely unpleasant.

“So erotic~”

“… Enough, I don’t like this, Aoi-kun… Wipe it off…”

Aoi-kun took many pictures of my dirty face with his phone.

“Aah, shit! I really can’t hold it! Aah, I’m definitely never ever gonna hand you over!!”

“… Nngh, nnm!”

Overcome with emotions, Aoi-kun greedily sucked my lips into his.

“… Nngh, mn… Ao–… mmsto… mnn…”

Licking the dripping fluid on my face, Aoi-kun forcefully shoved it into my mouth. Tongues tangled, his reaching to the back of my mouth. I could do nothing but swallow.

“Ugh… ah…”

After confirming that I’d gulped it all down, Aoi-kun released my lips.

“You’re mine. I’ll keep* you for eternity.”

(T/N: Out of all the words he could’ve used… keep, mukatte (飼って), means keeping a pet, or owning an animal. He could’ve used azukaru (預かる) which means to look after, to take care of—but noooo.)

Being stared at with such a gaze filled with insanity, chills run down my spine.

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