Takatsuki-Ouji 7.4

I’ve been in confinement for two days.

Keeping true to his words, Aoi-kun took care of me in every way. He’d adjusted the chains’ length so that I could freely walk around the room and go to the toilet whenever I need to, so during the day, when Aoi-kun goes out, I’m relatively free. He even bought me a game console, along with a popular game, just so that I don’t get bored. But when he comes back, he’d shorten the chain length. Without Aoi-kun’s help, I wouldn’t even be able to drink water nor eat food. Even pets could do that by themselves. Rather than being kept, I feel more like a long-term patient being nursed to health. To that, Aoi-kun’s eye shone, “Nursed, huh? That also sounds good! Well then, we’ll definitely need diapers too! I’ll buy some tomorrow!” I firmly rejected him. I desperately prayed that he doesn’t buy diapers.

Still, I can’t go on like this. I mean, no matter how you think about it, this situation is pretty odd. It’s abnormal.

Aoi-kun hasn’t done anything to me since then. But, this is Aoi-kun we’re talking about. I don’t know where his switch is. I can’t count on my parents or Takatsuki-kun coming to my rescue, so there’s no other choice but to rely on myself. Even if I run away, these handcuffs wouldn’t come off. It’s physically impossible for me to brute force these off. In that case, I need to appeal to Aoi-kun again. However, Aoi-kun didn’t agree to it.

Think. How can I ask Aoi-kun to remove these handcuffs? By aiming for his heart? His intentions? C’mon, me, think.

“It’s dinner time~ Today’s menu is hamburg steak*!”

(T/N: Imagine hamburger patties being served as is, no buns and co., cooked like how you’d do steak. It tastes really good.)

Aoi-kun entered the room with dinner on a tray. Now that Aoi-kun is here, the chains were shortened, and he got onto the reclining bed with a slightly cheerful mood. If I resist, he might mess me up again, so I obediently listened to Aoi-kun.

“Thanks, Aoi-kun.”

“You’ve liked hamburg steak since way back then.”

“Yup! I love hamburg steak!”

“Tada! I added cheese!”

“No way! There’s cheese too?!”


“Thank you! Was it difficult to control the heat? Because it’s troublesome, mom would never add cheese!”

“Ahaha, that’s so like her.”

Aoi-kun skillfully set the dishes on the bed table and sat on the bedside.*

(T/N: This sentence is so wordy in the raws @_@;;)

“What do you wanna eat?”

“Hmm, hamburg steak!”

Hearing the spring in my tone, Aoi-kun happily cut up the hamburg steak, scooped a piece, and brought the spoon to my mouth. But I kept my mouth shut, shaking my head.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you wanna eat?”

He looked at me with question in his eyes. Despite it being my request, why was I refusing? ‘Alright, you can do this,’ giving myself a small pep-talk in my heart, I gathered my courage and dropped my tone a little.

“I don’t… need a spoon.”


“… wanna eat… with mouth…”


“… Fed by… Aoi-kun’s… Mouth…”


“Like drinking water, I wanna be fed mouth-to-mouth… Can I?”

“But, you…”

“I realized… I think Aoi-kun is really serious about me. But, up until now I never noticed… I’m sorry.”


“That’s why, I, wanna know more about you. Am I… not allowed… to?”

I know that I’m not cute, but I still try to look up at him as tearfully as possible. I didn’t miss the way Aoi-kun’s adam’s apple bobbed.

I opened my mouth with my tongue slightly stretched out, awaiting the hamburg steak from Aoi-kun.

“There’s no way, I would, say no!!!”

Aoi-kun let go of the spoon, took a bite of the hamburger, and fed me mouth-to-mouth until it’s all gone.

“Ahnn, nm…”

Both the hamburg steak and Aoi-kun’s tongue entered my mouth, with the latter intertwining with my tongue.

After Aoi-kun’s tongue retreated, I chewed the food properly before swallowing.


Aoi-kun stared at me with a heated gaze.

“Aah! Yuu! Yuu!!!”

Overwhelmed, Aoi-kun hugged me as he called my name.

“Say, Aoi-kun, could you loosen my chains? Like this, I can’t put my arms around you.”

Aoi-kun nodded at my words and did as I said. Afterwards, we hugged again, and I stroked his back again and again.

On Aoi-kun’s shoulder, I grinned.

After thinking it through, I’ve come up with the “Seducing Aoi-kun ‘till He’s Head-Over-Heels Madly In Love With Me And Will Listen To Whatever I Say And Do Whatever I Want Him To Do” Plan, and the first step was a success.

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