Takatuski-Ouji 1.1

Prince Takatsuki and Stretching

On the way to school this morning, I look around the neighbourhood, making sure that people with intentions aren’t around, I hurry down the road.

Yesterday, Takatsuki-kun’s heart’s voice’s suspicious ‘want to kidnap and confine’, I made sure that after school, “Takatsuki-kun, wanna go home together?” and “Me too! (Let me come with!)” and Takatsuki-kun was caught by the girls who sat around him, and they disappeared out of the classroom, letting me make my escape smoothly, without much difficulty.

I want to know what goes on inside Takatsuki-kun’s head. I wouldn’t have pegged him insane had I been a pretty girl.

I understand that he thinks favourably about me. Well, more than one would usually think, but… But I don’t think I have any other feelings towards Takatsuki-kun, other than friendship. But after brushing with his mind… I don’t think I could continue on with this friendship.

But fortunately, no one knows about the dangerous thoughts Takatsuki-kun has towards me, and Takatsuki-kun doesn’t know that I know about his thoughts towards me.

If that’s so, then, it’s best if I keep my distance and not be involved with Takatsuki-kun. If I don’t touch him, then his feelings won’t be heard.

Un. Then I will not involve myself with him.

I swear to myself firmly on the way to school, my fists clenched.


“O-kay, first things first, two people pair up with each other, then stretch, play catch ball, and give advice to each other about forms and whatnot. Okay, begin.”

Is God an evil being?

The Physical Education teacher who was standing in the middle of the field, instructed us on what we were supposed to do, and his gaze falls towards the pale me, then slides to the brightly smiling Takatsuki-kun beside me.

Yes, as you’ve guessed, my partner is Takatsuki-kun. At the time when people were pairing up with each other, I was ordered to go to the Physical Education storage room to fetch the baseball by the teacher. When I came back (with the balls), everyone already had a pair. Takatsuki-kun, who was blushing for some reason, inevitably paired up with me.

That’s strange. There isn’t any reason for Takatsuki-kun to not find a pair. As the most popular person, Takatsuki-kun is always getting asked to pair with by other people. To not be partnered up until I came, no matter how you think of it, wouldn’t it be strange?

I grudgingly look up at the smiling Takatsuki-kun, our eyes meeting. Hm? What’s wrong? After having a strange expression, I will not be deceived by his angelic smile. Takatsuki-kun is not like an angel. He’s like a little devil. I will not be deceived. I looked at Takatsuki-kun wuth a serious expression and said;

“Then, why don’t we also start?”

The others have already started stretching. Because stretching involves supporting each other’s flexible movements, each pair pulling each other’s hands and feet, holding down the back requires a certain amount of close-contact. Until now, I’ve never thought too much about it, but my partner this time is Takatsuki-kun who has a sick brain. If I push myself too hard, and the damage exceeds half of my health, then I’m not sure if I could still remain standing. I have to strengthen my mind here.

But, despite trying to face Takatsuki-kun with my strong feelings, he stretched his arm towards me and started to pull my feet, beginning our stretch. Hm? Hmmm?

Yesterday’s happenings made me wary of being touched by him at first but, was it just me making troubles for myself?

Takatsuki-kun is bending and stretching quite seriously now.

Looking at the Takatsuki-kun who was bending and stretching seriously, I felt ashamed of myself.

That’s right. Takatsuki-kun always tries his best at everything. Despite being proficient in both studies and sports, Takatsuki-kun is someone who works hard at everything. And yet, I… what am I doing? Just because of that weird happening yesterday, I keep on doubting Takatsuki-kun and decided to not involve myself with him. I’m such a low person, I’m just embarrassing myself.

And right now, I need to redeem myself, I need to properly face Takatsuki-kun. I stood behind Takatsuki-kun, who was sitting on the ground, feet spread and bending forward.

“Takatsuki-kun. I’ll push your back?”

I touched Takatsuki-kun’s back.

“Thanks. That helps. (Haa haa Manaka so cute cute haa haa Manaka’s shorts I wanna lick and taste it haa haa)”

“I knew it!!!”

Pushing his back so hard, I didn’t feel bad at all.

T/N: Sometimes I just don’t know anymore XD Also, the whole God is an evil being thing, I wanted to translate it as “Is God a Devil?!” or something, it sounded funnier XD

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