Takatsuki-Ouji 4.10

The car that we’re riding in arrived at the entrance of a high-rise apartment, in an area surrounded by other skyscraper buildings. The driver opened the door and we got off. I was overwhelmed, as this place looked like a first-class luxury hotel, the tall condominium took my breath away.

This place, I’d seen it before on the TV. If I’m not wrong, this is the mansion (condominium) in which famous politicians and celebrities live right? Adjacent to this building, there are famous, trendy brand shops and delicious cafes right? Don’t tell me, please don’t tell me, is Takatsuki-kun’s house not in this mansion? Takatsuki-kun’s home? Is definitely fine and amazing, but he can’t be that rich, right? This place isn’t some place an ordinary person could step into as they like, right?

“Let’s go, Manaka-kun.”

Takatsuki-kun enters the apartment house as if it was nothing.

Uoooooh!! Don’t tell me don’t tell me don’t tell me aaaah!!! If Takatsuki-kun lives in a place like this then he’s not just a prince in name only but also in reality!!! And I mean the perfect prince!!!

Seeing that I was feeling so excited that I’m practically falling over myself, a smile floated onto Takatsuki-kun’s face as he giggled at my antics.

The security only lets residents and authorized people to go in further. As usual, like a normal condominium there is a front desk, and from behind it, the apartment’s special concierge lowered his head towards Takatsuki-kun and I, saying, “Welcome back, Takatsuki-sama.”

I was at a loss at this dimensionally different treatment, the celebrity treatment by the concierge’s welcome, and I bowed back to their bowed heads rapidly, ‘pekopekopeko’. (Sfx)

“I want to register him to have the entry permit, submit the written application registration later please.”


I interjected Takatsuki-kun and the concierge-san’s exchange with an ‘eh’ without thinking.

“Register me to have an entry permit?”

“Yes, that’s right. If Manaka-kun brings his security ID card, the concierge people here will acknowledge that you have my permission, and you can come any time you want.”

“You shouldn’t do that! You shouldn’t trust in me that easily!”

Takatsuki-kun chuckled and smiled;

“Are you a suspicious person, Manaka-kun?”

“Even if I am, you wouldn’t know!”

“You say such interesting things, Manaka-kun. Well, such an adorable suspicious person will always be welcomed here.”

Manaka-kun is gentle, his eyes smiled and he blew my bangs. (T/N: Manaka-kun is gentle, his eyes seemed to say, I’m guessing…)

Aah damn, I like him. I really like him.

I’ve been deceived by Takatsuki-kun’s princely smile, and like a boiled octopus, my face turns deep red, my heart felt like it was floating, and for the sake of keeping my mind grounded, I pinched my thighs hard.

We got into the elevator and stepped in front of Takatsuki-kun’s home, and he held up the ID card he was talking about earlier to an equipment next to the door. ‘Kacha’, and the lock released with a sound, Takatsuki-kun opened the door. Since the door opened without the help of an intercom, then it might be safe to assume that there isn’t anyone inside right now. “Go ahead,” he invited, escorting me inside.

“E, excuse the intrusion.”

For some reason, my hesitant and small voice really make me look like a suspicious person, I thought to myself.

“There’s no one else here, so don’t be so modest and come inside.”

Slippers had been prepared for guests to use at the hallway entrance made of marble.

“Your parents aren’t home?”

“Well, both my parents are already dead, so I just live here alone.”


I’m struck by the facts that I didn’t know about. Though I didn’t know about it;

“Sorry, I asked something unnecessary…”

“I don’t mind. Manaka-kun wants to properly know about me, and I want you to understand me properly so whatever questions you have, ask away.”

“Yeah… I understand. Thank you.”

How did your parents die? Was it an accident? An illness? Is it lonely being alone? Why aren’t you and Ryu-san living together? I want to ask a lot of things. I wonder if, as our relationship deepens, I could ask those questions.

Talking about his parents, Takatsuki-kun didn’t seem uncomfortable, on the contrary, he said he was happy that I asked him about them, and he told me all about them in the living room.

“Whoa, there’s so much space here.”

“It’s a 3LDK. It’s too much space for one person.” (T/N: 3LDK, 3 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen… where’s the bathroom tho owo… says the person who only know of these terms in high school…)

“I guess so… Uwaaah! What an amazing scenery!”

From the balcony, beyond the windows, I could see buildings, and the city scenery I could see beyond that was magnificent, I cheered.

“Beautiful isn’t it? I also like the scenery.”

“Yeah, it’s very beautiful. To be able to live in a place like this, Takatsuki-kun is awesome.”

“The awesome one isn’t me. It’s my grandfather’s power. Sadly I’m still powerless, incompetent.”

“That’s not true! Maybe you don’t know about it, but Takatsuki-kun, you could study and do sports, you’re gentle, cool, and you’re adept at doing anything, I’m certainly certain that in the future, Takatsuki-kun could become an awesome person, as awesome as Takatsuki-kun’s grandfather, I’m sure of it!”

“Thank you, Manaka-kun.”

Casually, he hugged me from behind, his front covering my back, and my body jumped in surprise.

“It’s just the two of us.”

Takatsuki-kun whispered into my ear, his breath not unlike a gentle caress. I couldn’t hear Takatsuki-kun’s heart’s voice, and I understood that this was his true feelings (his actions follow his heart’s wants) without him saying anything, and my body grew warmer, and heat concentrates in my ear from being touched.

Earlier, when Ryu-san did the same thing, all my goose bumps raised, and it felt unpleasant, but when Takatsuki-kun did it, none of that unpleasantness could be felt. On the contrary…

“If you stare at me with such feverish eyes, will I be able to endure it?” (T/N: Actually idk who’s talking, I’m assuming Takatsuki-kun tho :v)

I wonder, what kind of eyes am I projecting from the glass windows? Suddenly, I look back into my own eyes, projected by the glass windows.

I wonder, what will happen to me from now on? Until now, whenever I think about love, I’d always think about girls and never even considered same gender love. Towards love between guys, I’ve never really had any prejudice against it, but I never thought of myself to be that. It’s just that I don’t have any romantic experiences, even though I’m in love with someone of the same gender. What would the people around me think? Family and friends….

“Ah, Manaka-kun’s bad habits are out again.”

Takatsuki-kun turned me around, and we ended up facing each other.


“Yes. Here see, when you think about various things, you tend to bite your here really hard.”

Here, he said as he stroked my lips.

“Do you have a question you want to ask?”


“It’s alright. Leave everything about Manaka-kun to me. You don’t have to worry about anything. Aah right, these stubborn lips are also bad. Since that’s so, let me solve it for you.”

Takatsuki-kun said that, and he placed his lips onto mine repeatedly. Simple pecks turned into a deeper kiss with a simple change of angle. Takatsuki-kun’s words were simple so I understood as my lips were pried open, and his tongue invaded it, intertwining with mine. I thought that it was going to be a gentle kiss, but this time my tongue is forcibly rubbed against and even if I want to escape, his tongue will persistently chase after and intertwine with mine.

“…..nngh… ah….”

Noticing that I was in a trance, I thought that now, anything would be fine, as long as the one who gives me such pleasure is Takatsuki-kun. Takatsuki-kun felt that I wasn’t resisting anymore and understood, and this time he stuck out his tongue for me to suckle on. I was embarrassed that my desire to answer was interrupted, so I reservedly suckled on Takatsuki-kun’s tongue. The moment Takatsuki-kun saw with narrowed eyes, a grin and smile, he rubbed even more strongly than before, doing whatever he wanted to do.

Once satisfied, Takatsuki-kun released my lips, and my hips slipped, and I collapsed with a ‘henahena’. (Panting SFX) Takatsuki-kun held up and supported (the weakened) me.

“It… feels go-h…”

Being propped up and free of worries, I drowsily gazed at Takatsuki-kun’s expression.

“Manaka, you seriously are too (easy) cute for your own good.”

Takatsuki-kun unexpectedly went back to his origins, apparently I appear easy to him.*

T/N: Mansion: apparently this word describes a ‘large living place’ by Japanese standards. So when Manaka-kun says mansion, it means condominium and apartment and every other big houses/homes.

*(チョロい) I had the worst time finding out what this meant. Like. What. It’s like, sorta ‘easy to obtain’ kind of meaning, ‘submissive, pliant’ kind of meaning, ‘soft’ kind of meaning? I guess he meant like, cheap or something, but not really? By back to his origins, he meant that choroi is an old Japanese word (I’m guessing).

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