Takatsuki-Ouji 4.8

Ryu-san who’d swooped down to attack me was kicked away, and his (attack) posture was broken from the impact.

“As usual, you absolutely could not do anything.”


“Takatsuki-kun… why…?”

Takatsuki-kun who suddenly appeared is as divine as usual. There is no window in this room, but for some reason, it seems as if from somewhere, a bright light was illuminating Takatsuki-kun, making him seem dazzling.

“Manaka-kun, are you alright?”

Takatsuki-kun came towards me and took of the restraining belt.

“Oh, poor you, you’re chafed. (Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka My Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka)”

Due to my violent resistance, the restriction belt left bloody depression marks on my arms.

Takatsuki-kun slowly brought my arm near his mouth and licked it with a pero~*. (SFX)


Were there really chafing? Seeing my furrowed eyebrows, I didn’t miss seeing Takatsuki-kun’s slight smile.

“(A hurt Manaka is cute haah haah haah Manaka who’s unreservedly leaning his body weight onto me is cute haah haah)”

Takatsuki-kun, you really don’t waver huh. This is the part in which you go through the hero mode, okay.

“Ryo, why the heck did you come. Don’t touch my Yuu.”

Unexpectedly getting up, Ryu-san looked down to glare at us.

“My Yuu… huh”

“…Don’t tell me, it was you? The one who gave Yuu a security buzzer.”

“Yes, that was me. For the sake of protecting Manaka-kun from perverted rascals like you.”

“Hah, what protecting, what perverted rascal. At any rate, it’s about you. From the beginning, you could listen in on Yuu’s situation from the listening device, you’ve probably even extracted 2, 3 shots of his voice already.”

“Onii-san, could you not spout such indecent words? (It was 5 shots though.)”

5 shots too (were taken)…!

I gave a tsukkomi in my mind, but other than that, the words he spoke surprised me.


“That’s right. This person is my elder brother. Well, we had different mothers, so we’re brothers from different mother.”

So he’s a big brother huh… Hm? Then Ryu-san, he wouldn’t have the need to turn me into a little brother… But seeing them both mutually watching each other, maybe their relationship isn’t that good.

“I want to know the relationship between you both.”

“Us? We’re classmates of the same school. (In the middle of Manaka sexual training)”

Eh. I’m being sexually trained? Eh. Ehh?

Takatsuki-kun’s eyes were practically shooting off electric sparks, but Takatsuki-kun was sharply looking at Ryu-san.

“Classmates, huh… You, who have stopped coming to this house for half a year, to appear to help him, I guess you have a closer relationship than that.”

“That’s right, long before onii-san met Manaka-kun, we’ve already had a good relationship.”

“I see. But still, bad Ryo. I also have a good relationship with Yuu as siblings.”

So that setting is still continuing, Ryu-san?

“Hah. What siblings. From bestiality play to incest play…?”

Takatsuki-kun, who had his hand supporting my shoulder, was shrouded with powerful trembles, and his shaking was transmitted to me.

“Don’t kid with me, damnit…”

I could feel the anger leaking from Takatsuki-kun’s rough tone, a tone that I’ve never heard from him, except from his heart’s voice. And then, Takatsuki-kun got up and slowly made his way towards Ryu-san.

Takatsuki-kun… You’re that angry for my sake? Turning me into a disgusting person, you’ll angrily expose Ruy-san’s outrageous deeds? Aah, I knew it, Takatsuki-kun is a gentle person. Thank you Takatsuki-kun… I, falling for you, I really feel bless—

“Don’t you even try to make such a wonderful play without me!!!!!!!”

Gripping Ryu-san’s chest, he roared.

Excuse me? Did I hear wrong? Did I hear you say a wonderful play? Hm? Did I hear wrong? The reason for his anger greatly differs from what I expected, but did I hear wrongly? Normally, if the person you like is attacked, wouldn’t you get angry and say things like “Do not touch!” or “Don’t come close!” or something? Right?

“My bad, Ryo. I didn’t know that your thought process is superior. If I had known, I would’ve invited you for a proper talk.”

“That would only be an excuse. Do you not truly understand. Even though Daigoro licked him and he was covered in slobber, I could still hear his voice, I wanted to see Manaka be insulted by you but you didn’t, there’s no other choice but to hit my thighs, do you understand how frustrating that feels?!”


“I couldn’t see Manaka’s frightened expression as he thought that he’s about to get fucked by Daigoro, the feelings so intense that I had to bite my lips until they bleed.…. Don’t you understand…”


“Being attacked by you, forcibly kissed, and finally realizing his feelings for me, that cute Manaka, but being unable to sip at his accumulated tears, my feelings… Do you not understand…!!!!!!”

“…. I deeply apologize, Ryo.”

Takatsuki-kun seemed to be hard-pressed to beat Ryu-san up. And he truly was beaten up, and I feel sorry for Ryu-san, whose head was drooping.

Perhaps, if I had not heard the conversation between them, I would’ve thought that they had met for a serious and earnest discussion, which escalated to a fight between ikemens, which both of them would make a cool picture. I put my head in both hands,

Hey, are they daft? Are these brothers daft?

T/N: Don’t get your hopes up I swear XD Never. Not with Takatsuki-kun over here :v being the knight and all… Also, when you think you’re done (m)tl-ing… and find a whole paragraph untranslated… worse yet, just one sentence… untranslated…

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