Prince Takatsuki Arc3 part 2

So the rest of the arc is here! Which means around 5 chapters for you guys 😉 I’m hoping I could do, like 3-5 chapters per update, since each chapter is rather consistent in terms of length (more or less) for this story, but a peek into chapter 4 made me go, “Bye world.”

It’s not long, at least the chapters aren’t too long… just that the huge chunks of paragraphs and kanji just about made my head go ‘boom’ XD It’s a good thing that I have some free time right now (and hopefully in the next year or 2 semesters too, since I’ll be interning… somewhere. Orz) so I might be able to post 3-5 chapters a week.

The days I publish the pages are sporadic, but it’ll always be set at midnight (in my timezone), and the notification for the new chapters will always be on Mondays. Now, to end this long info rant;


If you’re wondering, each chapter is around 4-6 pages, I never count the word count because it intimidates me.

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