Prince Takatsuki Arc4 part1

Imma split this arc into 3 parts /w\

First part will have 4 chapters, the second and third will have 5. I’m sorta losing my interest in college tbh :v I mean like I’m still gonna continue, just that I’m starting to think that it’s boring. Did I choose an easy major? I think so, though that’s a matter of perspective. I’m sorta envious of my friends in the medical department now 😦 I wanted to study neurology, it sounds super fun.

Btw btw, Arc 4 warnings: Mentions of rape, bestiality, and incest. Just a heads-up.

Arc 4 part 1; enjoy~

Also, chapters are somewhat unedited (not like I can edit it anyways, just a quick skim before publishing) so some sentences will sound super odd.

//Sorry, I’m a bit too sleep-deprived rn idek what I’m saying Orz.

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