Takatsuki-Ouji 4.12

From the time I was born, this is my first confession. All this time, I’d thought that the person I’d fall for would be any girl, we’d go out together, we’d hug each other, kiss each other, but I’d stop thinking until there without any strong feelings, if our eyes met I’d be happy, if we exchange words I’d be happy, that kind of feeling.

It seems right now, the feeling of our bodies transmitting heat (to each other), feeling the sighs, the more I look, the more I can see my face reflected in his eyes, this is the first time being in such close distance with Takatsuki-kun. My heart is lively and it hurts, beating so hard from both fear and happiness, like a spring welling up, my emotions overflow.

I couldn’t bear it, and buried my face into Takatsuki-kun’s chest. Takatsuki-kun pat my head twice, ‘pon, pon,’ and hugged me, and turned us over with a ‘kururi’. Takatsuki-kun is now the one pressed down, and this time, my eyes will be the ones reflecting the captivating Takatsuki-kun.

“I swear… Manaka-kun is really cute. All my life, this is the first time I had such a wonderful confession. I’m so excited that I’m going crazy.”

Licking with his tongue and stroking my hair, the appearance above me is more than bewitching, and my heart is beating so fast, it grew wings and flew away.

“Getting so excited until I’m like this, you’re a bad kid aren’t you. What should I do, hey, Manaka-kun?”

The fingertips touching my cheeks moved to my lips.

“Even my big brother was tempted, what do you intend to do?”

“…I, don’t have any intentions…”

“Really? With these wet eyes and moist lips, you didn’t intend to tempt me?”

“That’s not… nnh…”

Takatsuki-kun gently bit my lip between his, and he held it there. He quickly let go, but for some reason I felt reluctance (to part).

“See. Those eyes you’re making, they drove my big brother crazy. Isn’t that right?”

Ryu-san was crazy from the start! I don’t have any problem anywhere!

I shook my head side-to-side.

“Now that you mention it, you knew about the sibling play right? Onii-chan… you didn’t hesitate when calling him that, did you?”

“Not hesitating is…! It’s just that, he’ll stop if I call him that properly…”

“I’m jealous, I would have liked doing sibling play myself.”

I vaguely realized it, but of course Takatsuki-kun would think in that direction. It’s a feeling that blood couldn’t deny, huh.

“Hey, how about we do it now? The sibling play.”

Caressing my ear, Takatsuki-kun said so with his princely smile.

Eh. Eeh!!?

“Aah, but it’ll seem like big brother’s rerun, it’s a bit hard to swallow… I wonder if something else is good.”

You know, I love Takatsuki-kun, I’d just confessed to him. I also know that Takatsuki-kun likes me, I also know that he thinks of me with great importance. Feeling good with Takatsuki-kun, I didn’t feel any revulsion. I decided to confess at his house. I thought for a bit that something like that kind of atmosphere would build up, and so I readied my heart but;

“…Takatsuki-kun, the ordinary way is not okay… huh.”

“Nope, not okay.”

When it feels like it’s food, there is an immediate answer*, Takatsuki-kun’s brows furrow as he brought them together, thinking seriously.

Aah, when Takatsuki-kun thinks so earnestly he looks super cool. I like it. I really like it. This is, if it’s not about plays, he’d be even cooler.

“Ah. I got one. A good one.”

His eyes sparkled, looking like a kid who’d thought of something mischievous.

“More precious than siblings, an erotic setting.”


What do you mean by ‘more precious’. What do you mean by ‘setting’. This is going to be the first time for us, right. Furthermore, in my case, all that’d happen will be my first sexual experience you know?

“Manaka-kun and I are friends from our kindergarten times. From childhood, we both call each other by ‘Ryo-kun’ and ‘Yuu-kun’.”

Takatsuki-kun suddenly looked up and spoke out.

Huh, this look, I’ve seen it several times before. I saw it on Ryu-san.

“It’s natural for the two of them to be together all the time, from the time they were kindergarten, until they were in elementary school, they’d always play together. Our parents are good friends, on long, consecutive holidays, our families would go on trips together.”

“Takatsuki-kun…? O-i.”

“But then, when we were in middle school, I put a distance between Yuu-kun and I. My feelings towards Yuu-kun went further compared to my feelings towards my other friends.”

“Can you hear me-? O-i, Takatsuki-kun, can you hear me-?”

“Sorting my feelings, I couldn’t put any attachment to my gradually going berserk self.”

“O-i, Takatsuki-kun, you’re changing the way you call one person, from boku to ore you know-”

“I avoided Yuu, and the first thing he did was persistently stick to me and asked me what’s wrong, but at last accepted that I was annoyed and dislike him, he no longer stuck to me anymore.”

“Takatsuki-kun, come back.”

“And we both became high school students, I could finally get my feelings under control, and returned to being good friends with Yuu. My feelings were hidden behind the best friends façade.”

“Is it going be become even longer, I wonder.”

“But, it didn’t last long. When having a sleepover, my feelings went wild once Yuu defencelessly rose from the bath.”

“What do you mean by my defenceless rising from the bath huh?”

Takatsuki-kun, who was looking upwards, suddenly looked downwards towards me, and gathered both of my hands and held it down with his right hand.

“Yuu. You’re bad. I’ve been controlling myself. I don’t want to hurt you. But, I’m already at my limit. Everything about you is bad. (Childhood friends play, start.)”

T/N: Sorry if some parts are unreadable, I drank coffee and it’s messing up with my head ;w; note to self; don’t drink coffee after 6 PM. Osananajimi play~ I swear, so many multiple-kanji words here ;w; But I got through! I’m excited for the next arc ah… :0 This chapter started so sweet btw :v

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