Takatsuki-Ouji 4.6

“Ryu-san… What are you talking about…?”

I don’t understand what you’re saying, but I do understand that it’s a critical situation. I backed away on all fours, trying to create a little distance, but both of Ryu-san’s hands pushed me down.

“Yuu… My cute little brother. Aah, I love you so much.”

Ryu-san’s tongue crawls on the nape of my neck.

“You smell of animals. Daigoro’s smell… a beast-scented Yuu is also the best, I’m getting so excited.”

“No… Ryu-san, stop it…!”

Even if I say no, and the restraints on both my hands and feet are removed with a clatter, Ryu-san will not be surprised.*

“That’s not it, Yuu.”

Suddenly, his voice turned chilly, and the restraining hand grips even more tightly.

“Aren’t I your big brother? If you call me differently, I’ll stop.”

Call him differently? Calling him big brother rather than Ryu-san is alright? If I do that then he’ll stop?

Ryu-san’s sharp gaze captured me and wouldn’t let me go.

Alright… It’s all or nothing.*

“Please, stop… o…onii-chan.”*

With a trembling voice, I pleaded to Ryu-san. Ryu-san, towards my voice, closed his eyes tightly.

“…Aah, I can’t stop.”

He said that with a shudder. Then, his appearance from before ceased to exist, when he opened his eyes, they gleamed like a starving wild beast’s eyes.

Huh? Isn’t this, didn’t I switch the switch pattern (from a bad to good)? Eh? Huh?

“I will not be stopped.”

Ryu-san became like Daigoro earlier, panting ‘haa haa’ excitedly. Then, he put his hands on my cutter shirt buttons, trying to remove it. But;

“Aah, I see, so this is called rape, huh.”

My cutter shirt was forcefully torn. The buttons were like a bullet, flying towards and bouncing off of my face. Seeing my exposed upper half body, Ryu-san seemed satisfied, and he started licking it. I put up both of my hands to cover it in embarrassment. But then, Ryu-san once again gathered my hands and used the restraining belt to bind them to the bedside, tying them with familiarity.


“You’re really cute, Yuu. Every part of you is certainly cute.”

Ryu-san’s finger is stroking my sides in an unpleasant way.

“…tsk, no… I don’t wanna, Ryu-san!”

“Didn’t~ I~ say~, that’s wrong Yuu. Weren’t you listening? Do you need to be punished like a child?”

Ryu-san scratched my nipple with his index finger.


“Is it painful? Aah, a pained Yuu is also cute. Hey, say it again? Call me ‘onii-chan’ like before? Hey, you wanted me to stop, right?”

This time, he scratched my other nipple. I’m scared that it’ll be like what Ryu-san said.

“…Hiii! Stop it, onii-chan, please, stop it already!”

“Haha, seriously, the best.”

Ryu-san licked the nipple that he was scratching. I shivered and goose bumps rise along with feelings of revulsion.

“No, please, please stop it already…. I beg of you, please!”

Tears escaped to my hairline.

“I’m sorry Yuu. That, I can’t do.”

Ryu-san’s lips were coming for mine. I turned my face away, but he grabbed my chin and forcefully made me face him.


“Young master.”

There was a voice calling for Ryu-san from behind the sliding screen. For a moment, shocked, Ryu-san ceased his movements, before he continued coming closer to my lips again.

“Young master.”

Hearing that voice calling for him once again after another moment, Ryu-san had wrinkles between his brows.

“Hazama. You, do you not understand.”

Perhaps he’s talking to the person from behind the sliding screen.

“Yes. It’s something worrisome.”

“Does it have to be now?”


“What is this.”

“It’s only a little bit but, some radio waves are being transmitted from that room.”

“Radio waves? It can’t be that kind of thing, right. There should definitely be no radio waves in this room.”

“Perhaps, it’s the latest eavesdropping device or something that couldn’t be picked up by the system.”

Ryu-san listened to that Hazama-san guy and got up.

“Yuu-kun. Please excuse me for a bit.”

Ryu-san took my shoulder bag that I brought from the Japanese-style room next door, handing it over to Hazama-san.

When he opened the sliding screen, with a ‘chira~’, I saw a sharp-looking man who’s called Hazama-san, which was the big driver-san who’d guided me here,.

Although I couldn’t see the appearance of the two exchanging something from the back (row), the loud ‘pipipi’ beeping of the electronic sound could be heard clearly.

“Is this the one?”

“Yes. It cannot be mistaken.”

Thinking that I could hear both of their voices, Ryu-san came back.

“This is Yuu-kun’s?”

“This one,” Ryu-san said, showing me the item, which was the security buzzer Takatsuki-kun bought for me.

“Eh. Aah, yes, that’s mine.”

“Did Yuu-kun buy this?”

“No, my friend bought it for me…”

“I see.”

Ryu-san looked convinced by my words, and squeezed the security buzzer.

“Wait a sec…. Ryu-san!”

“Looks like, Yuu-kun has quite the worrywart knight with him.”

Knight… Takatsuki-kun? Isn’t that an ordinary security buzzer?

“Hn. Ah well. Whether it’s bug or a GPS, understand that they won’t work around here. Lamenting about it while biting your fingers is ok.”

Ryu-san pushed me down again as I was getting up.

“Why don’t we continue, Yuu.”

His lips touch mine.

T/N: The all or nothing is a guess on my part, the original Japanese said something like ‘Could be one could be eight’ or something /w\ And in case someone doesn’t know what onii-chan means, it could also be translated as ‘big brother’, I just think it’s more convenient to call someone ‘Onii-chan’ than saying ‘big bro’.

Also, so many confusing lines, I myself am a bit confused? Ah, but, this is also not accurate translations so… /w-) Also, anyone know Shady Cicada? He’s interesting. :3

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