Takatsuki-Ouji 6.12

“Please excuse my loss of composure.”

Shun-san, who’s sitting cross-legged, hands tied behind him with a rope, lowered his head at me.

Uhm, you must be wondering why Shun-san is tied up, right. This person, if this is some sort of company meeting, he’d be the number one distinguished person of an assumed to be among Japan’s top 5 biggest companies, with great history and influence and blah blah blah, that person. Is it okay for such a man, who has the appearance and sex appeal of an adult, an absurdly handsome person with dignity, to bow his head so easily to a lowly person like me? Afterwards, Shun-san was still breathing chaotically, his eyes sparkling, but is he alright? It’s not some sort of sickness is it?

“Manaka-sama, it’s alright. The Chairman had personally ordered us just now to bind him to stop him from going wild.”

Noticing my unease, Hazama-san explained Shun-san’s circumstances.

“… But Hazama-san, Shun-san’s breathing is very irregular? Maybe the ropes are too tight, or he’s ill, or…”

“… Kuh, MANAKA-kyun, you’re very kind…”

“Despite having been attacked by the Chairman, for you to worry about him…”

“Guys, look, the Chairman is so moved that he’s crying, biting his lips so hard that he drew blood.”

“Of course, the MANAKA-kyun that he’d always, always wanted to meet, the one that he’d been unbearably longing for, is now right before his eyes, calling out his name in worry. Even a man would cry manly tears.”

“But still, as expected of the Chairman! From his mouth, blood is drawn, and from his eyes, tears flow continuously without him trying to wipe it away, crying heart-stirringly. Truly a man amongst men!”

“I’m enthralled~”

“Chairman~! We will always follow you wherever you go, Chairman!!!” (T/N: This convo tho… =_= tbh confusing af)

With Shun-san’s blood flowing from his bitten lips, his voice escaping as he cried, seeing that kind of Shun-san, the group of people was moved.

Is this what people call would call chaos, I wonder? It’s not likely for me to keep up with these people, I wonder if it’s okay for me to go home.


Shun-san’s voice said towards me.

MANAKA-kyun is… me, right?

“… yes.”

“You see, I have always wanted to meet you MANAKA-kyun.”

Shun-san, anything is fine, but please, just wipe that blood off of your mouth first.

“Why (would you want to meet) me…?”

“Ryo’s blog.”


“Aah, the guy who was investigating Ryo’s movements found Ryo’s blog. When I heard his report, I couldn’t believe it, as Ryo had composed such a detailed blog about a single person. So out of curiosity, I looked it up.”

Takatsuki-kun’s blog, you say, it’s the one in which he wrote my daily life, isn’t it.

“Well, before, there were reports of a man who both Ryu and Ryo had immersed themselves into, what man, I won’t forgive him. At first, I started looking at the blog so that I could grab hold of that man’s weakness, and hold it against him, to threaten him, but seeing him every day, seeing his strangely cute behaviour, I just couldn’t tear my eyes off of him.”

Cute, me? That’s a lie, right, I mean, the me in Takatsuki-kun’s blog is indistinct, and it’s basically a compilation of everyday stuff like my meals and taking Tamasaburo out for a walk, that kind of things. Furthermore, Takatsuki-kun had mosaiced my face.

“Gradually, I wanted to see the man’s face, so I let a programmer remove the mosaic and I looked at the image. A somewhat delicate face, but what is it about it, that makes it so addicting, making me unable to tear my eyes away? And I got more and more concerned, I don’t know since when I’d look forward to the blog update, every day, every hour. After that, whether I’m asleep or awake, I’d always think about MANAKA-kyun, wondering what he’s doing right now, wondering if he’d eaten, I was in a daze.”

Don’t you see? He then asked me, but I’m sorry Shun-san, but no, I don’t see. Besides that, will you please wipe off the blood from your mouth?

“You see, I stand on top in this company, and whatever I’ve wanted to do before, I’ve mostly done it. My son is dead, my wife is dead, I’ve always thought that I’m already at this age, and that there’s nothing else for me to do here.”

Talking up to here, Shun-san used his chin to substitute his hand, to indicate at his heart.

“But then, I met MANAKA-kyun, and now everything’s a mess. MANAKA-kyun’s existence has me fired up.”


“Please, MANAKA-kyun! Break up with Ryo and become mine! MANAKA-kyun fills up the empty hole in my heart! Also, please let me fill MANAKA-kyun’s empty butthole with my masculine thing!!!” (T/N: OAO Excuse me Shun-san BUT WHAT DID YOU MAKE ME TRANSLATE OAO)

Lewd~. Too lewd~. My heart feels numb, filling holes with the aforementioned thing is a bit sad, return my feelings please~. Also, my butt is not empty, thank you very much. It’s tightly tight, okay. I want you to apologize by correcting yourself about that area properly.

I’m pulled back a little bit from my feelings of disgust. Getting himself worked up over his own words, his breathing became rough, and he said as he shook, “MANAKA-kyun MANAKA-kyun MANAKA-kyun,” and then, rip! The rope that tied him was ripped apart.

“I wanna do it I wanna do it I wanna do it I wanna do it I wanna do it I wanna do it I wanna do it I wanna do it I wanna do it I wanna do it I wanna do it I wanna do it”

Speaking in a way like Takatsuki-kun when he lost his mind, Shun-san came closer to me.

Once again, the executives and the other men, and Hazama-san, got up to stop Shun-san.

“Stop right there, could you please not say such vulgar things to my Yuu-kun, Chairman.”

Suddenly, the door opened, and the one that entered was Ryu-san, who, with large strides, walked towards me and stood before me.

T/N: Who else hoped that that was Takatsuki-kun? 😛 Ahahah this whole family, I swear… XD

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