Takatsuki-Ouji 6.13

The scent of citrus wafts into my nose, and I looked at the big, sturdy back before me, and thought ah, it’s been a while, Ryuu-san, and I felt a mysterious sense of security well up inside me.

Hey, calm down, me. Ryuu-san also has a criminal record. Don’t feel relieved.

Remembering the last time we met face-to-face, Ryuu-san attacked me, I shook my head.

“Ryuu. Move aside. It’s not your turn.”

“Chairman, please say that to yourself. You’re already so old, how can you be harmonious with Yuu-kun?”

“I am not retired yet. You youngsters may have more stamina when it comes to sex, but I have an adult’s sex appeal and hundreds of techniques that could make girls scream; in that matter I won’t lose to you.”

“As I said, please don’t say such vulgar things.”

Ryuu-san you, the other day weren’t you the one who wretchedly said such vulgar things, what are you talking about now.

However, at this time, probably the only person capable of stopping Shun-san is Ryuu-san. I quietly watched the course of events.

“Besides, I’ve always wanted to see Yuu-kun again. No thanks to Ryo’s annoying hindrances.”

“Hah, I don’t pity you.”

“By the way, you could only get Hazama-san to forcefully bring him here.”

“Guh… Ryo that rascal, I asked him again and again to bring MANAKA-kyun to meet me, he completely didn’t listen to me. On the contrary, the only connection to MANAKA-kyun I had, which is the blog, had been taken down.”

Ah, that’s because I made him stop it. Because I’d decided that it’s better to be without such a blog that embarrassingly exposes my life. It’s also for the sake of the people and the world.

“If you take MANAKA-kyun from me right now, tell me what will remain of him.”

“I understand that. During the time I couldn’t see Yuu-kun, neither men nor women could satisfy me at all. Moreover, whenever I remember that day when Daigoro pushed an insulted Yuu-kun down, I’d feel good and onan* to that. That’s why I’m also the same. I, if Yuu-kun is taken, will be no different than a dead man. Just that, if I only onan to Yuu-kun every day, I’d become a dead man.”

A weirdo. They’re just weirdoes. Please stop them right now. They’re serious, stop them right now.

“What, that, that perfect situation of being pushed down by Daigoro. What sort of AV did you get from that. This is you, after all, you must’ve recorded it. Give me a copy of it.”

“I wanted to make tons of it, but Ryo took away all the data. Seriously irritating.”

“What the heck. That guy just wants to enjoy it alone. That boy’s gone completely bad.”

“I know right. I truly admire how fast and powerfully my brother’s head turned.”

Like a housewife’s idle gossip, they’re badmouthing Takatsuki-kun like bullets. In the back, I’m relieved as Shun-san and Ryuu-san started chatting long-windedly like good friends, and the executives and other group members also started idly chatting happily.

I wonder if I can go home now. I hope I can go home.

“Our unfulfilled desires are all completely Ryo, that rascal’s, fault!”

“I agree.”

“If he hadn’t been there, I could smoothly get our things into MANAKA-kyun without any obstructions.”

“I agree.”

“If only he isn’t here…”

“If only he isn’t here…”





“Right now, that guy, isn’t here.”

“Yes, he isn’t here.”

“He’s totally not here right.”

“He’s totally not here.”

Suddenly these two were on the same wavelength, I had a bad premonition.

“MANAKA-kyun is here right now.”

“He’s here.”

“He’s totally here, right.”

“He’s totally here.”

Shun-san and Ryuu-san, who were facing each other having a conversation, turned towards me, glanced at each other, and came towards me. Do they not have lungs, their breathing is so chaotic.

“Ryo isn’t here, but MANAKA-kyun is.”

“Yes, it seems like so.”

“Then, we can do MANAKA-kyun, since we’re here too.”

“Yes, it seems like so.”

“Who’s our enemy.”

“It’s Ryo.”

“So to speak, you and I are comrades.”

“That’s true.”

“Allies, no, friends.”

“Totally friends.”


“Let’s go?”

“Let’s go.”

Ryu-san then, ‘Gabaa~’ and carried me on his shoulder.

Eh! What! What! What the heck!

“Wait a sec, Ryu-san! What! What’re you doing! Release me!”

“Sorry Yuu-kun. That’s the only plea I wouldn’t comply grant you.”

“No! Put me down!”

I resist by flailing my legs, hitting his back, pon pon, but it does absolutely nothing to Ryuu-san. With Shun-san leading, Ryuu-san arrived behind him.

As Shun-san opened the door and walked out of the room, Hazama-san entered my field of vision.

“Please, be at ease. No danger will befall you, Manaka-sama. This Hazama, in the stead of the young master, will protect you even at the cost of my own life, Manaka-sama.”

That’s right! Hazama-san!

“Hazama-san! Please, help me!”

Hazama-san, who I called out to just now, pulled out a sketchbook out of nowhere, and wrote with an oil-based magic pen, “Both are impossible!” in big letters and turned the book towards me so that I could see, then bowed deeply in my direction.

“You–! You liar–!!!”

My cry of help was all in vain, I was abducted from the room, and was brought into a nearby western-styled room.

T/N: Um. So I took a lot of liberties. In this chapter and the previous one. Like. Um. And omg I finished translating this at the last minutes of Sunday XD Currently 11.22 PM, 38 minutes from the scheduled release for this week 😀 So happy happy happy~ So I’ll be sleeping now, good night~

*Onan: He literally said onan, which basically means masturbate. I was like. Wtf the heck is onan. But then I remembered a certain manga’s title…. Hehe. So I looked it up.

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