Takatsuki-Ouji 6.16

“Takatsuki-kun, could you explain?”

I asked Takatsuki-kun, who was still arranging his disordered clothes. Takatsuki-kun’s pale face came closer.

“Don’t worry Manaka-kun. I was planning on properly saving you at the very last minute.”


“Manaka-kun who’s been attacked is too cute, you see….”


I understand. I understand that, Takatsuki-kun’s sexual habits are weird. However, it’s not that easy to accept. Because I was really scared and I hated it. I wasn’t afraid or hateful of Shun-san nor Ryu-san, but rather, I was afraid of being easily swallowed up whole from the pleasure given to me. I felt miserable as it seemed as if I would be quickly swept away. I hated being treated like a woman, even though I’m a man. Furthermore, the other party was a man who’s not Takatsuki-kun…

I was vexed and miserable as I grit my teeth.


Takatsuki-kun, who tried to put his hand on my cheek.



Just as it nearly touched my cheek, Ryu-san and Shun-san both flew right out of the room.


“So you were here.”

“…. Ryo, have you been here all this time?”

The two people saw the tissue remnants below and had a suspicion, looked at each other’s faces before laughing heartily.

“As expected of my grandson, Ryo.” (S)

“Ryo, you trash! You’re the best.” (R)

“I’m trash? I don’t want to hear that from you. Doing as you wished, completely loving my Manaka-kun.” (T) (T/N: I don’t…. understand….)

“The way you look right now, it’s the appearance of someone who’s done onan things, no matter how you think about it, aren’t you the trash.”

The two people holding their stomachs as they laughed and Takatsuki-kun who’s opposing them. Seeing the three people being boisterous with me in the middle made something inside of me snap.

“Sit down.”

I let out a quiet voice. Which haven’t yet reached the three people.

“Sit down.”

Once again, I called out, and it reached Takatsuki-kun, who turned his head and asked, “Manaka-kun?”. Afterwards, Ryu-san and Shun-san who noticed also looked over with inquiring expressions.

“Yuu-kun? What’s wrong?”

“MANAKA-kyun, is your stomach in pain?”

Turning towards the three people who were getting closer,

“Sit down!!”

I yelled with a big voice. “Yes!!!” the three people who were surprised by my unusual expression sat formally* on the spot. (T/N: Seiza, the formal way of sitting, iirc.)

From my right, Ryu-san, Shun-san, and Takatsuki-kun, were sitting formally side-by-side. The three people, who’d never before heard me use my angry voice, were puzzled and bewildered, their expressions questioning.

“I was, truly very worried.”

I told them serenely.

“Because I was dating Takatsuki-kun, wouldn’t his family and group be opposed to him, and his position would be very bad? I felt that it wasn’t fair.”


“I didn’t want Takatsuki-kun to feel unfair all alone, so I thought, if only I could meet with his family, and properly talk about it, I thought that if there’s anything that I could do, I’d do it. I thought that Shun-san would recognize me if I dogeza’d* and worked for him.” (T/N: Dogeza: basically prostrating to beg for something, or to show deep thanks.)


“I thought that since Takatsuki-kun’s family business is special, whether it be Shun-san, Takatsuki-kun, or Ryu-san, would all be thinking about this seriously and be opposed to us. I thought that there are difficult circumstances that I didn’t understand, so I tried to think of a way to not be an inconvenience as much as possible.”


“Even though that… Even after that… You three people don’t understand at all….”

I clenched my fist tightly and confessed the truth.

“I understand that you three’s sexual habits are weird. But! I don’t want you to heap it unto me!!!”

I want to understand. I only like Takatsuki-kun. I don’t want to be touched by anyone other than Takatsuki-kun, and I want him to think about this seriously.

With a strong and serious gaze, I appealed to the three people.

“Aah…. An angry Yuu-kun is irresistible, haah haah.” (R)

“Aah…. I want to trample on that foot, haah haah.” (S) (T/N: ??? Raws: あの足で踏みつけられてえ)

“Aah…. I want to be glared at and insulted with that cool look in his eyes, haah haah.” (T)


No matter what I say, these three won’t understand that I’m serious and numb.

“That’s it!! I’m going home!!”

I don’t want to see these three people’s faces anymore, I rushed out of that place.

Even though I spoke so seriously, it’s always nasty stuff that goes on in their heads. I don’t want to know anymore.

Giving into my own anger, I ran quickly. Then, I saw Tamasaburo on the balcony up ahead. It seems that this balcony and the balcony I saw from the Western-style room earlier are connected. Fortunately, the lock on this side is open.

Opening the door forcefully, I called out to Tamasaburo.

“Tamasaburo, we’re going home!”

Daigoro was licking the face a reluctant Tamasaburo. The scene overlaps with mine*;

“Daigoro, stop!”

Daigoro stopped. Noticing my existence, Daigoro came over with his tail, bun bun, swinging happily.

“Sit!” (T/N: Remembering Kagome from Inuyasha going, O-su-wa-ri!)

To suddenly be instructed so, Daigoro was confused, and had to be told ‘Sit’ twice. With my appearance overflowing with an intimidating air, Daigoro whined ‘Ku~un’ before sitting, docile as a quail.

“Tamasaburo, let’s go.”

Tying (myself with Tamasaburo), I took the lead and went back the way we came. I don’t want to stay in a place like this for another second.


Before me, Hazama-san stood. Restraining my anger, I strode towards Hazama-san and faced his way.

“Hazama-san. I’m going home. Please return my things right now.”

“I apologize. I can’t do that.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Without the young master’s permission, I can’t possibly take Manaka-sama back.”

“…. Then that’s fine. I’ll return by myself.”

I understood enough that I have no allies here. I brushed past Hazama-san in search of an exit.

T/N: Orz deadlines coming up and a new project in sight qwq. And I mean my internship. TBH I actually already had this chapter 80%-90% translated by the time the previous update came up, but like, I’m like, laaaaazy. So it’s only done 1 month later XD. Also, I can’t stress enough that this is mostly MTL (I’m not really angry or anything, I just sometimes forget myself XD and attempt to read a full Japanese light novel and I’m like wh–) and also taking a ton of liberties, so if there’re anything weird or if I mistranslated something, please do tell. uwu

*The scene overlaps with mine… He’s talking about how he was also mounted (?) and had his face licked by Daigoro…. I think? Or maybe it was one of the three guys?

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