Takatsuki-Ouji 6.2

I needed to hear about the details of the matter, so at lunch break we sat on a bench in the courtyard to talk about it. It’s the bench in which I knew of what’s inside of Takatsuki-kun’s heart for the first time. It’s somewhat nostalgic.

Takatsuki-kun was called by a teacher, so he would come a bit later.

Standing beside the bench, I let out a small sigh. In fact, I also have something important to tell Takatsuki-kun. I was thinking of discussing about a certain thing with Takatsuki-kun.

“Sorry for the wait, Manaka-kun.”

The sun’s rays fell onto Takatsuki-kun, who was rushing over, making his sparkly aura come out, I had to cover my sight with my hands so I would not be blinded.

Cool, so, so cool. My boyfriend is seriously cool. It’s such a shame that he’s like that inside, but I’m head-over-heels in love.

“That’s no good, Manaka-kun! If you show such a cute expression, I’ll kidnap you without hesitation!”

“Nah, that can’t be. The only person who’d say that my mediocre face is cute is you, Takatsuki-kun.”

Ehehe, I become shy.

“I like you! I love you! Let’s get married ASAP! Let’s make 5 and more children!!”

Thump! I accepted Takatsuki-kun’s incoming hug, and I lightly touch his back, patting it. Sniff, sniff, Takatsuki-kun’s nose shook, sniffing at my scent. Such happiness, let’s stay like this for a while.

And then, once he was satisfied with his fill of my scent, Takatsuki-kun escorted me to sit on the bench.

“So, we’ll be telling your grandfather about us, will it be alright?”

“Mmhm, should be alright. Is what I want to say, but the fact is a bit more difficult.”

“Is that so…”

“My grandfather’s power is immense, if that person says it’s white, then it’s white; if he says black, then it’s black; what he says, goes.”

“He’s that amazing…”


Takatsuki-kun didn’t show any disgust towards his grandfather. If anything, it felt as if he was acknowledging something.

“I, before I met Manaka-kun, it was pretty bad, I didn’t even enter grandfather’s eyes. Whether it was luck or not, meeting Manaka-kun at that park changed me, and grandfather liked the change in me. That’s why he’s been trying to make me the successor all the time.”

“But there’s Ryu-san, right?”

“That’s right. There’s big brother, and he also has power. I’m not interested in neither the group, nor in the family business, so I’ve always declined, but thanks to my grandfather pulling his strings, it’s not that easy for me to go.”

“Sounds like a lot of trouble.”

“Even then, due to someone who didn’t listen to me and my own stupidity, this time, Manaka-kun’s matter has been found out…”

But even though so, it can’t be said that it’s completely Takatsuki-kun’s fault.

“What about… the omiai…?”

To be honest, I hate it. Takatsuki-kun getting together with someone else, even getting married to them, I can’t tolerate it. Even though my feelings had only just come through…

“It’s okay. I won’t do it.”

Takatsuki-kun, catching my anxiety, stroked my hair with his hand while giving me a gentle look.

“I’d just finally got Manaka-kun into my hands. Letting you go is unthinkable, let alone hurting my precious, precious Manaka-kun.”


“But, for the sake of persuading that person, there are various move that I can’t do, since my grandfather has already found out about Manaka-kun now, I can’t risk any harm to come to you. That’s why, for a while I might not be able to meet with Manaka-kun. Before that person gets serious, I have to do something.”

“Is there anything that I can do to help?”

“Uun. This is my problem, so… But, if worse comes to worst, will you run away with me?”

Takatsuki-kun, who’s usually so confident, due to his grandfather being so formidable, his confidence waned a bit. For now, all I can do for Takatsuki-kun is to support him. Because Takatsuki-kun’s problem is my problem too.

“Of course! I’ll run away with you!”

“Those words are enough. Thank you.”

Chuckling, he kissed my forehead with a smile. And then, haa haa, his breath became rough;

“Our escape destination will be a country that allows same-sex marriage, okay!”

Again, he buried his face into my neck and started to sniff my scent.

Really, nothing can shake Takatsuki-kun huh.

“You know, Takatsuki-kun.”

I pushed on Takatsuki-kun’s shoulder, and he let go of my neck, and I spoke to his face. This time it’s my turn. I need to discuss about it properly.

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

Seeing how I’m so quiet, Takatsuki-kun had a curious expression on his face.

“You see, Takatsuki-kun.”


“I, can’t hear it anymore. The heart’s voice.”


“Up until now, I’ve always heard other people’s heart’s voices when it comes to things like love, but now I can’t hear them anymore. Of course, that includes Takatsuki-kun’s too.”

“I see… I wonder, maybe it’s because Manaka-kun doesn’t need it any longer?”

“Maybe it’s like so…”

Because, I could no longer hear the heart’s voice since that day I connected with Takatsuki-kun. In fact, I started being able to hear the heart’s voices about love-related things from when I was 11 years old. A few days ago, I heard from Takatsuki-kun, it was around the day he and I met. That’s why I could not hear it ever since the day I joined with Takatsuki-kun, I somehow felt something akin to fate.

Perhaps, it might have been a limited-time power that god had given me so that I could meet with Takatsuki-kun again.

“That is, when did you stop hearing them?”

Takatsuki-kun asks with a face full of curiosity. But it’s difficult for me to say. Because, whenever I remember that day we connected, at that time, my own speech and conduct, and Takatsuki-kun’s glorious physique, I’d feel myself heat up. Despite all kinds of excuses that wanted to escape my mouth, my face would visibly turn a deep red, and Takatsuki-kun would tease me endlessly.

“Hey, since when?”

Takatsuki-kun, as though able to see through my feelings, as though knowing what I’m feeling, grinned and his laughing face comes closer.


“I, I won’t tell.”


Takatsuki-kun stroked my earlobe without me agreement. The gesture escalated quickly, from caresses to putting it in and out of my ear. It’s reminiscent to the sexual acts that happened that day.

“… Nnh, hn…”

“Manaka-kun, are you feeling it?”

He whispered into my ear, and I jolted, my strength leaving me.

“…tsk, ah… ss…”

“Manaka is so cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute. Even though you can’t hear my heart’s voice any longer, I could still let you hear them. Cute cute cute cute I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you.”

“Takatsuki, Kuhn….”

“My Manaka. My Manaka. My angel Manaka. Wanna do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it, violate violate violate violate violate violate violate violate violate violate violate violate violate violate.”

I helplessly lean onto Takatsuki-kun, as he whispered right into my ear with that low voice of his. This is the violence of hearing.* (T/N: The power of voices… uwu)

But here is…

“Takatsuki… kun! Already, sto–, we’re at school!”

I mustered enough strength to push Takatsuki-kun away by his shoulder.

Takatsuki-kun chuckled, saying apologetic words, ‘sorry, sorry’ with a smile.

“Shouldn’t it be okay? You can’t hear the heart’s voice anymore. Our relationship won’t change, you know.”

“Rather than playing around with Manaka-kun, aren’t I lucky to be with you?” he said, showing a naughty child’s smile.

Aah, I like him. I love Takatsuki-kun.

A/N: I’ll leave a few ba-couple air fresheners here, alright.

T/N: Finally found an A/N _(:3//) I remember seeing it a few times but I forgot in which chapters they are in. Ba-couple, Baka-couple, Baka-ple. XD It’s like when Aoko calls Kaito baka, bakaito. Something like that :3 //Magic Kaito reference orz

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